Welcome to The 3D Floor Plan Man

The 3D Floor Plan Man is your one-stop shop for professional and effective real estate floor plans for promoting a property. Whether you are in real estate, property development or architecture, we can help your business by taking a potential hassle off your mind and letting you get on with your work.

Despite the name, we offer all three main types of real estate floor plans: 3D, traditional 2D and full-blown CGI. We'll explain the pros and cons below, but please do get in touch if you'd like some advice on which type is best for your particular needs.

3D Floor plans tend to work best when dealing directly with property buyers who don't regularly use floor plans. Giving an overhead view, they make it much easier to visualize how a property will look and feel in reality. Our range includes some neat touches including showing different floor surfaces such as carpet, wood or tiles for different rooms. This makes sure prospective buyers will already be thinking of the property not as a house but as a home.

2D floor plans are a lower cost option, but still hugely effective. We offer them in three styles: full color, a single color (to match your corporate style) and black and white. The latter might not seem as exciting, but it works well in newspaper ads, for example in property sections, particularly when space is at a premium.

Our CGI site plans are particularly suitable for property developers. The plans can be vital in helping make sure prospective buyers, tenants or investors can envision the new homes as a community rather than a building site. They are also a great way of showing off any measures you've taken to provide amenities such as car parking, gardens or easy access.

Whatever type of real estate floor plan you choose, we can provide high quality results, on-time and on-budget -- it's all thanks to our decade of experience in the industry. You'll need building drawings for the CGI plans, but for the floor plans we can work from simple sketches. We are happy to provide examples of the type of detail we will need from you.


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