Are your 3D Floor Plans, CGI Site Plans & 2D Floor Plans fully compatible with all web sites/brochures?
Yes. All the images created are photo files (JPEG) and are fully compatible with all web sites/brochures.

Are you able to provide the images in other file formats?
Yes. The images can be provided in all of the major file formats (TIF, GIF, TGA, etc).

Can the 3D Floor Plans, CGI Site Plans & 2D Floor Plans be used on signboards?
Yes. We will provide a very high resolution version of the image for you to use on a signboard. There is no extra charge for this service.


Can I request amendments to your images prior to receiving the final version?
Yes. In the first instance we will email a low resolution version of the image for your approval. At this point you can make any amendments necessary. Only when you are totally happy with the image will we send over the high resolution version for your sales details.


How are the final high resolution versions sent?
They are sent by email.


Can you create a 3D Floor Plan from a simple sketch?
Yes. The 3D Floor Plans can be created from the same type of sketch that would be required to create a 2D Floor Plan.


Can we customize the 3D Floor Plan interior finishes?
Yes. When you put in your order for a 3D plan just let us know your preferred carpet color, tile color etc.


Can you exactly match our corporate color for the Corporate Color 2D Floor Plans?
Yes. We are able to match any color you want for these plans.


Are we able to choose the colors used on the Full Color 2D Floor Plan?
Yes. You can choose any colors you require.


Are we able to have our company logo on the 2D Floor Plans and 3D Floor Plans?
Yes. Your company logo can easily be added onto the floor plans and any of the other images we produce.


Is there a minimum order quantity for the 2D Floor Plans and 3D Floor Plans?
No. Some clients only require a few floor plans per month and some require over 100.


3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans

from only $45

3D Visualization

3d rendering

from only $375

2D Floor Plans

2D Floor Plans

from only $22

CGI Site Plans

Site Plans

from only $50